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Our space

Three lawns and a Lodge

Foxglove Lodge and three surrounding lawns will serve as your main venue spaces to stage your perfect wedding. An expansive six acre field, forested trails, fruit orchard, and more are also available

Acres & Orchards

From our expansive, four acre field to our intimate fruit orchard, you'll have options for the right space for any part of your wedding celebration

Central Celebration Lawn

The central lawn is adjacent to Foxglove Lodge and its patio. This lawn has power and water for food vendors, which can be perfect for large tables or a party tents

Enchanted Meadow Lawn

Our upper lawn is the first thing you see when you walk in. It is large, sunny, and level. Perfect for a welcome reception or lawn games, or anything your heart desires

Our Natural Amphitheater

Nestled against the border of the forest, the amphitheater lawn has a gentle slope, allowing seated guests to see easily, and creating an intimate feel 

The Lodge

Foxglove Lodge is your setting to stage your wedding, host bridesmaids, stay over night, prep food, and make it all happen. Full details, photos, are available on AirBnB